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Commercial Property Management in Steamboat Springs

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Insurance Services And Claims Adjustment

CCS has years of expertise in the area of Insurance for owners and takes the topic of risk management very seriously. Accordingly, we have partnered with the strongest insurance carriers to manage the risk that comes along with managing resort properties. We are able to provide exceptional coverage for the owners and by packaging policies with all the properties we manage, we can negotiate substantial premium savings which are unachievable when quoted individually. We are proud to have saved tens of thousands of dollars to the respective HOA's over the past five years. This uniformity and continuity of coverage promotes an increased degree of efficiency for us as managers as well as for our associations and/or owners. The bulk limits associated with our program makes it nearly impossible to underinsure a property, even when considering building code upgrades. In the area of claims management, our experienced team understands the correct protocol and procedures to ensure that all losses are handled professionally and timely.

In addition to the insurance advantages brought to our clients, CCS is heavily insured to protect us and by extension your association. For any one occurrence we have a coverage limit of $6,000,000.